Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Member?

Any man, woman, or couple or sisters or brothers above 50 yrs can be a member of our community. In the case of couples at least one of the partners should have attained the age of 50 years. Special permission is required from the management if the applicant is below this age.

Why prices of senior living projects are higher than the usual market price?

The facilities and the amenities in a senior living project are different from a general housing project. It is also more costly to maintain those additional facilities. So due to these senior-friendly value addition, the cost is on the higher side.

Will the monthly fee stay permanent?

The Monthly Charge is not fixed. It will remain the same for one year. It may change with a new agreement each year.

Is there a doctor in the complex?

Yes. A doctor will be available during OPD hours at Care Homes. We also ensure that doctors are24/7 on call.

What is the difference between a home and a senior living project?

Senior living projects consist of facilities designed to deal with seniors’-specific ageing-related issues.

What is the procedure to enroll?

Forms are available along with the admission prospectus which can be obtained online, or from our office and representatives. Please call our Helpline numbers or email us for the next steps.